Tips for Beach Weddings

beach weddings-1Beaches are great settings for weddings, but come with their own set of unique challenges for planning. If you’re going to have a beach wedding, there will be wind, heat, noise, and sand. So, you should plan accordingly. Here are some tips to help you overcome those obstacles and have a fabulous beach wedding!

What to Wear

With heat, wind gusts, and sand blowing about, a beach wedding is not a place for a poofy princess dress. When you are picking out your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, think light and airy. You don’t want any fabrics that will stick, cling, or look unflattering against the body when the wind blows them this way or that. A dress with light layers that moves well in the wind is ideal. You don’t want to be fumbling with straps or pulling up your strapless dress throughout the day, so make sure your dress moves well with you and can withstand a lot of action. When it comes to beach wedding dresses, you can also think outside the box, and look for white, ivory, or cream summer dresses or dresses that are not specifically designed to be wedding dresses. In addition, many bridesmaids dresses tend to be made of lighter materials and are less bulky than traditional bridal gowns, making them excellent choices for brides to wear at beach weddings. Plus, you can order bridesmaids dresses in white, ivory, cream, or any color you want. Lastly, your dress should also be flat-shoe length, because heels or even wedges will not work well at the beach. Pick a pretty flat sandal that won’t sink into the sand much and that is easy to walk in.

For the Guys

beach weddings-1A stuffy black tux doesn’t work at a beach wedding and will leave you with a grumpy groom. If you are helping your fiancé pick out his attire for the wedding, look for light-weight, airy materials in neutral or earth-tone colours, like tan, cream, light gray, light blue, or light green. Linen suits, or separates, fit the setting and will keep your groom and his grooms-men comfortable during the ceremony and reception. A seersucker suit is ideal for a beach wedding and is especially adorable for ring bearers.

Your Hair

Your hair will be up against the all-mighty wind on your big day. That means your hairstyle can’t be too precious because it will get blown around. The best hairstyle for a beach wedding is beachy, loose waves. If that seems too plain, a great way to elevate your down hairstyle is to add a floral headband, made with the same flowers found in your bouquet. If you want an up-do, a great style is a loose, pretty braid, which will still look great even if some pieces get blown out. Whether you wear your hair up or down, the key is to have your hair loose and easy. If your hair stylist won’t be at the wedding location or staying to do touch-ups as the day goes on, keep a travelling curling iron with you and touch up your hair on your own throughout the day. For example, to maintain your beachy waves, after the ceremony, pop a few more curls into your hair, spritz on a light hairspray, and then shake the the curls loose. You can also freshen your hair up again right before the reception starts. Adding a few more waves to your hair takes five to ten minutes and will keep your hair looking good all day and throughout the evening. If you have an up-do, make sure you have someone in your wedding party or at your wedding who can help you maintain it throughout the event.

The Ceremony-Make Sure Everyone Can Hear You

During your ceremony, the noise of waves crashing and the wind blowing may make it hard for anyone to hear what you, your groom, and the wedding officiant are saying. Consider having microphones for the three of you and speakers set up around the area so that your guests will be able to hear you and the audio will be able to be picked up on video recorders.

Let Nature Be Your Guide for the Décor

beach weddingsOnce you have chosen the venue for your beach wedding, let the setting be your guide as to how you will decorate. Often, you can use items that are naturally found on or near the beach to decorate and keep with the theme. For example, you can line the aisle with shells, driftwood, or a string of flowers. White wooden chairs really pop with the colours naturally occurring at a beach and add a bit of elegance. For flowers, vivid colours like vibrant pinks or deep blues will stand out against the neutral colours of sand, dune grass, and water. They also add richness to the colour scheme.

Be Good to Your Guests

First, when you invite your guests, make sure it is clear on the invitation that you are having a beach wedding. As the big day approaches, it’s a good idea to send a reminder to your guests via email that your wedding ceremony and/or reception will take place on a sandy beach. You don’t want anyone to dress inappropriately or be surprised at the last minute. Also, let them know that what will happen if there is inclement weather on the day of the wedding. You should have a backup venue, like a sheltered gazebo or nearby hall for your ceremony and reception to take place, in case it rains or storms. Even if the weather is perfect, your guests may want a reprieve from the great outdoors during your wedding and reception. Be sure there is a place where people can retreat to from the beach. Ideally, your guests should have access to an indoor bathroom. To accommodate everyone and make sure they are as comfortable as possible during the ceremony and reception, it’s a good idea to have a welcome table for your guests to visit as they first enter the venue. At your welcome table, you can include tubs or trays of new flip-flops, bottles of water, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Place a sign on the table that lets your guests know they are welcome to take what they want to ensure they are comfortable.

Timing is Everything

The best time of day for a beach wedding is around sunset. At that time, the temperature should be dropping, so you, your wedding party, and your guests won’t be roasting in the heat. Also, the lighting at that time of day sets a great ambiance and is ideal for pictures. As the sun goes down, the darkness of the evening sets a beautiful scene for your reception.

Why You Should Have Your Wedding in Perth

Perth is arguably one of the most under-appreciated Australian cities. This often overlooked Western Australian gem is characterised by its stunning beaches, eclectic but harmonious mix of cultures, and its breath-taking parklands. With enviable weather all year around and plenty to see and do, Perth isn’t just a great place for holiday makers. It’s also a beautiful place to hold a wedding. Why? Read on to find out.

Beautiful Weather
In her iconic song, Ironic, Alanis Morisette bemoans “rain on your wedding day”. With a mean annual temperature of 24.7 degrees, couples who choose to book their weddings in Perth are far less likely to experience this problem than couples who opt for a celebration in drizzly Hobart, for example. This is particularly important if you’re hoping to plan a beautiful garden or beach wedding. There are lots of wedding venues in Perth to choose from.

Perth’s consistency Mediterranean weather is perfect for growing a glorious range of healthy and vibrant flowers. As all brides to be know, flowers play an integral part in both the wedding ceremony and decoration of the venue. Although roses, calla lilies and gerbera daisies are common choices for the wedding bouquet, couples who choose to wed in spring may want to take advantage of Western Australia’s truly gorgeous wild flower season. Why not spice up the wedding bouquet with blue leschenaultias? Or make a heartfelt statement about your union with a sprig of ever lastings?

Woman florist working flowers roses market makingWhichever flowers you choose on your big day, be sure to pick a reputable florist to source them. For example, a florist in Fremantle, who is known locally for their attention to detail and versatile range. Additionally, brides who aren’t confident selecting their own flowers may want to take advantage of the florist’s wealth of experience by choosing the Florist’s Choice bouquet. This bouquet is a completely unique collection of the designer’s freshest flowers in a seasonal colour palette and combination that is sure to impress.

Amazing venues
Another reason many couples choose Perth for their wedding is the range of exquisite venues. Fremantle boasts gorgeous historical buildings fashioned in limestone for those who want something both classic and elegant. Couples who would rather step out of the city may prefer to head inland to the Swan Valley, which is known for its scenic vineyards, farms and art galleries. If neither of those options suit, why not check out Rockingham, which is home to crystal blue skies and golden sands. Whatever your tastes and budget, Perth has a venue for you.

You want your guests to remember your wedding not only as a special occasion but as a unique experience. Fortunately, Perth has plenty to offer tourists in the form of exciting day trips and afternoon tours. Encourage your guests to check out Fremantle’s historic public markets, take part in a guided tour or even sample some local wines.

Wedding receptionChoose Perth for your wedding and experience first class hospitality, gorgeous flowers, fine wines and beautiful weather. What more could you ask for on your special day?

Bountiful Blooms: Is It Right To Place Fresh Flowers on a Wedding Cake?

wedding cakeWhen it comes to weddings the only thing as important as the dress… is the cake. Every bride wants a cake that’s not only on trend but also uniquely her own, something that speaks to her personality and puts the cherry on the cupcake of the best day of her life.

In years past, most wedding cakes were baked in bakeries by well-known chefs or local wedding cake whizzes. But that all changed when the world was introduced to Pinterest, Instagram and all the other throngs of social media. Sharing our accomplishments and lives, we also share our creativity… it has sparked a DIY revolution. Pair that revolution with the current state of the economy and you now have a generation of do it yourself wonder-kids paving their own way, sewing their own gowns and baking their own wedding cakes in their grandmother’s yellow kitchen.

But no matter how creative you are, if you didn’t go to culinary school you may not know all the ins and outs of the out-of-the-box idea of adding real blooms to your wedding cake. Is it right to place fresh flowers on a wedding cake? Read on to find eight insider secrets about wedding cakes and fanciful fresh blossoms. These tips were provided by a florist in Perth, Western Australia. Check their site at

Real Flowers – Real Problems
Wedding cake decorated with red rosesReal flowers on a wedding cake make a bold statement but they can also be a big faux pas… when done incorrectly that is. Fresh flowers come equipped with fresh chemicals that you wouldn’t want stuffed down into the inside of the cake you’ll be feeding your guests. These same chemicals seep through the stems of the flower and when placed directly into the cake can emit icky, bad-for-you chemicals… and tastes… into your butter-cream filling. Yuck.

That’s the bad news, DIY’ers. The good news is that with a little thoughtful consideration and the creativity that you are known for you can use fresh flowers without needing to take out health insurance on your wedding guests in case your cake gives them the trots, barfs or a combination of the two.

Wedding cake with rosesThe Straw Whisperer
The key to placing stems into a cake is assuring that the stems that enter the cake are always covered. Some bakers use the straw trick. Here’s how it works… cut a straw in half or to the desired length. Insert the flower stem into the straw and then, place the straw into the cake. While technically the stems will still be in the cake, the chemicals and the stem itself will never touch the food. This is a great option as it holds the stem in place, leaving you without any need to worry about those icky chemicals.

That’s a Wrap
If the stems of your flowers are too thick to fit into a drinking straw consider covering the stems with Saran wrap. When wrapped tightly the stem will retain its ability to easily poke through surfaces. What we like about this method is that you don’t have to worry about the flower poking down past the end of the straw in the previous method. You can wrap the ends so that they are never even a factor in a mishap.

Chocolate Coated Calla Lilies
This method of inserting stems into a wedding cake safely is a bit fancier than the previous methods. You simply dip the stems in melted chocolate, allow the chocolate to harden and then insert into the cake. This method sounds very Iron Chef like… but it sounds like an extra step that most people wouldn’t have time for. If you are a beginner and just want to ensure that you don’t leave that icky chemical taste in your cake we’d recommend another option.

A Rose by Any Other Name
Now that we have covered keeping the chemical taste out of your cake, we still haven’t talked about petals. If you don’t want to have to worry about what petals are harmless and which ones might be harmful; – roses are always a safe bet. You can pluck the petals off a rose and eat them if you want to… we don’t recommend it but it surely wouldn’t hurt you.

Wax on… Wax Off
If you opt for a flower that you might not want touching the icing on the cake consider parchment paper as a quick solution. When cut precisely and used only where absolutely needed, you can place small pieces of wax paper beneath the petals of the real blooms and never have to worry. Best of all, if done right the paper won’t be noticeable at all.

Wedding cakeNo Time Like the Present
The main advantage of fresh flowers are their aesthetic beauty but their downfalls are many. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them… it simply means you should use them with care. For instance, fresh flowers wilt. What happens if you buy a boat load of flowers only to find in the morning they are horribly wilted, brown and look like you’d expect any flower would if going on a three-day-bender. Yea… that’s not a good look!

To avoid the fear of your flowers wilting and being lack luster, pick up the flowers the day OF the wedding. Place the fresh flowers on once the cake is transported to the reception and placed in the spot you’ll want it for the cake cutting and toast. It may sound like a hassle but it’s really not especially when you consider the ugly alternative.

When it comes to DIY wedding cakes and real life blooms, faux flowers can save you a lot of grief but fresh flowers add an element of timeless romance and vintage soirées. This again posed the question … is it right to place fresh flowers on a wedding cake? The answer is simple. There are no sure answers. The only real answer is what works for you, what makes you happy and most of all, what cake design you dream of when you think of happily ever after.

The Guest List: The Foundation of Your Wedding

Wedding reception overviewSo he popped the question and the planning for your big day has begun. Hopefully you’ve already had the pre-wedding talk about what each of you expect when you walk down the aisle and hopefully you both agree about whether this is going to be an extravagant affair or an intimate gathering for only those closest to you. Whatever the case may be, your guest list is going to determine a lot of that for you and the two of you had better agree when it comes to the three major groups that may (or may not) be sitting at your ceremony.


As long as there isn’t any bad blood among your relations, your family is one of the groups that should be a given on your guest list. Immediate family like your mother and father should be included as well as any siblings. And if you’re unsure about which extended family to send invitations to, try talking to your parents to get suggestions about which members would be interested. If you have family from out of state, they may appreciate the invitation but won’t be able to travel. In cases like this, you sending an invitation is more like a gesture than anything else.


If you are close with your friends, choosing which to invite may be a difficult process. If you’re going for an intimate wedding, Take two or three friends that are more like family than anything else and explain to anyone else who expected an invitation that you are keeping it really small. It may be a good idea to have a party later on to celebrate with those who you consider more of your acquaintances to show them that they’re still a part of your social circle. And just a little tip: don’t invite exes. It’s just a bad idea.


Co-workers are that weird gray area that you get to when creating your guest list. You have your work friends – those friends that you feel like you’re besties with while at the office but don’t associate much aside from that. Your co-workers are probably excited for your upcoming nuptials as well and it can be tricky if you invite one colleague but not another. Use this as a general rule: if you see your co-worker for fun outside of work, feel free to invite them even if you’re trying to keep it relatively small. Your other co-workers will understand why they weren’t chosen to go to the ceremony (and may be a bit relieved that they aren’t required to buy you a gift).

Your guest list is going to serve as the foundation of your wedding planning, determining how many people you’re going to have to feed, provide drinks for and seat in a reception hall. It may be tough to sit down and hammer out who’s important enough to make the cut and who’s not but you’ll be thankful when it’s all over to have all the most important people there on the most important day of your life.

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Should the Bride Wear White to Her Second Wedding?

Wedding dress on a mannequinThese days, wedding etiquette is really rather relaxed. That’s why deciding whether or not to wear white to a second wedding is really a personal choice. In other words, there are no hard and fast rules here. While some brides-to-be may feel uncomfortable wearing white for a second time, others won’t have a problem with it. In the end, it’s all about what feels right to a prospective bride.

Beautiful brideBecause so many people do get married more than once nowadays, there isn’t really any stigma involved with wearing a white gown at a second wedding. While those who are very old-fashioned may find the second wearing of white to be a bit gauche, others who are more modern in terms of their outlook won’t think twice about the fact that a bride is walking down the aisle (for the second time) in a white dress.

Does a White Dress Symbolize Purity?

Bride at the clothes shop for wedding dressesInitially, white wedding dresses were symbols of purity and chastity. In the olden days, these virtues were highly prized in women. However, in the modern age of feminism, things have changed. Women are empowered in all areas, including sexuality, and most don’t value purity in the same way that their descendants did.

sarah weddings image 16In other words, if you’re worried about wearing a white wedding gown for your second nuptials, because you are no longer “pure”, don’t worry too much. Most people who marry have already been intimate, whether it’s their first marriage or not. Therefore, old-fashioned associations between white wedding dresses and chastity are definitely more than a little out of date. Of course, there are exceptions. However, since the dawn of the sexual revolution during the 1960s, views on the value of purity have changed considerably.

Wedding ringsIt’s your wedding and you should be able to wear whatever you like. It’s your special day. If you prefer the traditional look of a white wedding gown, you’ll find that wearing one is the best way to get the bridal look that you want.

Weddings dress on a mannequin isolated on whiteIf you’re interested in exploring options, in terms of gowns that aren’t white, you’ll find that there are tons of exciting and fashionable wedding dresses in a host of appealing colours, from blush pink to red and beyond. So, don’t be afraid to indulge in colour if that’s what will make you happy.

Another option is to choose a white gown that has colourful accents. For example, you might want to select a snowy-white gown that has a hot pink or ice blue sash. When you select this type of dress, you’ll be ready to enjoy high style with a dash of vibrant beauty.

Lovely brideStill another option is wearing a white dress and accessorizing with colour. For example, you may wish to wear colourful bridal jewellery, such as ruby pendants or emerald drop earrings, in order to add a little depth and richness to your look.

More mature brides-to-be who are planning to marry for the second time may want to consider off-white, cream or palest dove-grey. For example, an older bride may look dazzling in a fancy silk skirt suit in a pale colour, such as a light neutral, as this look will be incredibly classic, flattering and elegant.

Bride posing looking away smilingSecond weddings may be occasions which inspire unusual wedding dresses, such as shorter, knee-length gowns. Those who have already worn full-length confections may prefer to choose shorter and more fashion-forward designs the second time around. Luckily, many fashion designers are able to provide exceptional gowns which feature more unconventional shapes, lengths and embellishments.

Is a White Dress Right for You?

Now that you know more about whether or not a white wedding dress is appropriate for a second wedding, you’ll be ready to make a choice that is right for you. Since it’s all about pleasing yourself, you don’t need to concern yourself with what anyone else will think. However, you may wish to discuss your gown choices with friends or family, or with your husband-to-be. By getting feedback from these important people, it may be easier to make smart choices.

Bridal dress from the backWomen should be encouraged to bring their fairy-tale fantasies to life, whether it is a first wedding or a second. Whether a woman wants a medieval theme wedding with a lacy white dress (and corset) or an ultra-modern, runway-ready effect, she should be able to please herself and to feel good about her choices.

While traditional wedding etiquette may point women towards non-white wedding dresses for their second weddings, there’s really no need to follow etiquette that is so out of date. Of course, if you really value tradition, you may opt to eschew white. Just make sure that you are selecting a gown that pleases you, no matter what colour it is.

So, ultimately, gown colour is your choice. You can’t really make a mistake, so have fun with it. You’ll find awesome resources for wedding gowns online. These days, almost every wedding designer offers an official website that is packed with glamorous, full-colour photographs of designs. When you browse styles via the Web, you’ll be ready to isolate cuts, colours and fabrics that appeal to you, which may make it easier to narrow down your choices. Once you’ve figured out how you want your gown to look, you’ll be able to comparison-shop for styles in order to find the best prices.

Women Shopping For Wedding DressIt’s always best to try a gown on in person before you buy. When you do, you’ll be able to see how it actually looks on you before you buy. One option is to try on a gown at a community bridal shop, and then look for the same style online, for a cheaper price.

Now that you understand more about white gowns and whether or not they are appropriate for second weddings, you’ll be ready to get organized. Whether you wear a bright gown or something more subtle, you’ll find that wearing your gown with true confidence is the key to looking for most radiant on the big day. So, be sure to make the most of your look by carrying yourself like a queen.

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Our Wedding in Fremantle and Our Florist

The decision to get married is a monumental one, but so too are the choices we make after those four life changing words. Questions pop up about everything from suit hire to location. Don’t forget flowers and wedding photography! It’s enough to make any future bride and groom insane with stress.

Purple wedding cakeIf you’re about to get knee-deep in your own wedding preparations, try to keep that perfect day in your mind at all times, even when you’re about ready to pull out your own hair.

Of course, wedding planning isn’t all doom and gloom. A combination of the right venue, right florist and the right companies can make things run a lot more smoothly.

Where should we have our wedding?

If you or your sweetheart hails from Western Australia, Fremantle should be your number one choice for a wedding venue.

Why? Because the city boasts gorgeous Mediterranean weather all year round, and enjoys beautiful sea breezes even during the hottest summer months. The City of Fremantle is also known for its breath-taking historical architecture, which will give you and your guests a rich taste of history with its well-preserved limestone and Edwardian influenced buildings.

Did we mention that Fremantle was once the home of both Avatar star Sam Worthington and model Megan Gale?

What kind of flowers are available in Fremantle?

Wedding bouquet in hands of the brideOnce you’ve got your venue sorted, it’s time to consider how you’re going to decorate it. From the place settings to the wedding bouquet, don’t underestimate the part flowers will play in making your wedding a blooming success.

Fortunately, Fremantle’s beautiful climate ensures that you’ll have access to a dizzying array of mostly home grown flowers available to be delivered to your ceremony. Some of the most popular choices for the wedding bouquet include roses, peonies and sweet peas. The latter are an excellent choice for particularly smitten couples, as sweet peas are known to represent lasting pleasure.

To ensure that nothing goes awry on your big day, don’t try to cut costs by selecting a less reputable company to assemble your flowers and wedding bouquet. Instead, try to select a florist that is known for its impeccable service record in Fremantle. An obvious choice is, which is locally renowned for its quality and commitment to personal touches.

What can our guests do in Fremantle?

Wedding guests visiting Fremantle will have plenty to keep them occupied during their stay in the historic town. We recommend that visitors check out the bustling Fremantle Markets. First opened in 1897, this century old building houses 150 stalls catering to all tastes, from fashionistas to gourmets.

For guests who’d prefer to explore the town’s rich history, Fremantle offers several guided and self-guided walking tours that are sure to impress those from interstate.

This brief summary of colourful Fremantle, from flowers to historical sightseeing, has only just skimmed the surface of everything this gorgeous potential wedding venue has to offer. If you’re still trying to find a wedding location, check out Fremantle and its breath-takingly beautiful horticulture today.

Your Wedding Budget: The Foundation of Your Marriage

Wedding ringsThere are very few days in your life where the spotlight will be on you and only you. Aside from your birthdays and your graduations, your wedding is your big day. And as with any big day, there are also big costs that you’ll have to account for. So before you take out your chequebook and start going crazy, plan out your budget and make sure you’re not starting your marriage in debt. Here are some of your biggest expenses and how much you should expect to budget.

Venue (40%)

Empty hall for a wedding ceremony with table with snacksYour venue is probably going to be your single biggest cost when planning your wedding. Depending on whether you plan to be married in a church or a hall specifically made for big events like weddings, the price can vary dramatically. Usually there’s some sort of discount if you decide to hold the reception in the same place as the ceremony, so take that into consideration if you are trying to plan a wedding with a small budget. The ceremony itself is generally not that expensive but the reception can be really pricey. Also check to see if the venue you’re interested in to make sure they don’t have contracts with caterers that you’re required to use if you already have one lined up.

Food, Drink & Trinkets (30%)

The next decision you’ll have to come to is what kind of food and drink you’ll be serving during the reception. Your wedding cake will obviously be a major purchase, but you can cut corners if you’re willing to do cupcakes or have a friend with a culinary knack. If you’re doing plated dinners, you’re looking at a bigger price tag than a buffet and of course if you choose to do an open bar you’re looking at a price tag that’s even bigger. Guests usually also expect gifts of some sort, though with a little creativity and a lot of patience you can usually craft these up fairly easily on your own.

Dresses & Tuxes (20%)

Wedding dressYour wedding dress will probably be pricier than your hubby’s tux, but don’t expect to get off that easy. Some couples prefer to pay for their wedding party’s attire, although that’s not a given. If you know that some of your party aren’t in the best place financially, you may want to offer to at least split the costs with them. After all, it’s worth it to have them in your wedding party on the big day. And if you’re hoping to save money on a dress, wait for your local wedding retailer to have a blow-out sale and go in prepared to play dirty. One hundred bridezillas in a room does not make for a pleasant shopping trip.

Photography (10%)

Wedding videoHiring your wedding photographer can be fairly inexpensive if you know the right people. A lot of professional photographers start out shooting weddings and are more than happy to lend a friend a hand on their big day if you know them. That being said, if you don’t know someone in the market, photography can be a pretty big expense so be prepared to shell out some serious cash.

When planning your budget, sit down and determine exactly how much money you’re willing to spend based on you and your honey’s income level. Then divide it up and begin the search. But most of all don’t let the stress and frustration ruin your big day. It’s the first day in a long line of many days for you to sit back and enjoy.

Flowers for Your Wedding Day: Fresh or Silk?

MarriageWhen planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Often, these decisions can be divided into categories to make them more manageable. The largest groups of planning items to consider are food, photography, music, attire, and flowers. Below, we’ll look at the pros and cons with using fresh flowers and silk flowers for your wedding.

Using Flowers in Your Wedding

Most brides and grooms choose to use flowers as one of the main decorative items in their wedding. Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate in both the ceremony and reception space. When using flowers, there are several factors to consider before you choose which type of flowers you want. First, decide how many flowers you’ll need. Will you use flowers for both the ceremony and reception? Will there be other decorations, either existing or brought in by you, to help fill the space? Next, determine your budget. This will play a huge part in determining what types of flowers will be available. Then, decide what colours and flowers you want to use. Now you’re ready to decide between fresh and silk flowers.

Using Fresh Flowers

HochzeitMany brides prefer using fresh flowers for their weddings simply because they prefer the look of the real thing. It can be very difficult to find silk flowers that mimic the look of fresh flowers closely enough to make them look real. For those who know they want the look and luxury of real flowers, silk flowers may just not cut it.

White wedding chair and flowerThe fragrance of real flowers is another quality that many brides and grooms appreciate. You won’t get the beautiful smells from fake flowers. The look and smell of real flowers can elevate the décor of a wedding which can be extremely important for those who want to make the arrangements the largest décor item in the room. If your are in Western Australia, you can visit this florist site for more ideas about your wedding flowers.

Using Silk Flowers

wedding cardAs with fresh flowers, there are both pros and cons to using silk flowers in your wedding décor. Those who choose silk flowers may appreciate the fact that they will have more control over the look of their décor. With fresh flowers, there is some amount of mystery that will go into the purchase. While you can choose the type of flower and the general colour that you want, it’s hard to know if your flowers will look exactly the way you envisioned when they arrive. With silk flowers, you can choose each individual bloom to be sure that they meet your standards.

A pro of fresh flowers is the floral smell that will fill your space. On the other hand, many people will prefer to not have those fragrances. If allergies are a concern, fresh flowers may not be an option. While choosing silk flowers that look like a close match for the real thing can be tricky, the quality of these artificial flowers has grown by leaps and bound. It is possible to get the look you love from flowers that will last a lifetime.

Ten Hot Wedding Trends for 2014

He’s popped the question, you said yes. You’re one of the lucky girls getting married in 2014. Tempted as you may be, you can’t spend the next several months simply gazing at your new diamond in admiration. It’s time to get down to business.

It’s time to plan your big day. There’s no shortage of ideas for brides and grooms to be when it comes to planning your wedding. The event should be a reflection of your tastes and personality. The following ten hot wedding trends will give you some inspiration that you might love to weave into the first day of the rest of your lives together.

1. Vogue colours
This is an easy place to start. Even if you don’t know your theme or venue yet, you know what colours you love. Regal, chocolate box purple, warm coffee colours, citrus colours and any shade of blue are all a big deal for 2014, whether you’re having a festive winter ordeal or a summer garden event.

2. A flare for the dramatic
Are you ready to make a statement? This could be the theme for you. Think theatrical venues, unusual architecture and striking views, highlighted with oversized floral or bold decorations.

3. Symbols of your love
While these have been popular for a long time, symbolic touches, such as candle lighting or pouring sand during a ceremony signify the bride and groom joining as one and remain popular throughout the ages.

4. Quirky
This can mean everything from shabby-chic to clever to stylish to downright humorous. Use your imagination. Love 50s rock and roll? Motorcycles? Penguins? Go nuts. Remember, it’s your day. Try the zoo or the pitcher’s mound at a local baseball diamond if you’re looking for unusual venues.

5. Organic
Get married in the great outdoors, garden or woodland or try organic attire for your wedding party. Organic is earthy, soulful and refreshing. It will be an event to remember.

6. Romance and roses
The roses speak for themselves. As for the rest? Think candles. Morning suits. A gown with a lace bodice. A castle, Victorian hotel or a bloom-filled garden.

7. Textured wedding cakes
Often a centrepiece and a much-admired component of the wedding, 2014 brides will be looking to kick things up a tier with textured wedding cakes featuring ruffles, details, colour, varied shapes and unique finishes.

8. Rustic
This is another trend that has been around for a while, but when done with a fresh take, never gets old. Envision a picturesque barn, wild-flowers, lace and a country sunset.

9. Vintage
Thanks to recent popular culture events like The Great Gatsby remake, couples may find themselves drawn to the 1920s style. The options are endless: veiled caps, fur wraps, bowties and decorating with gold themes. Watching a few old movies will prove both entertaining and inspirational when assembling your vintage-themed wedding.

10. Individuality
No matter which top ten wedding trends you like best, don’t forget to infuse it with your personality. A picture-perfect wedding isn’t what makes an event memorable, it’s the unique touches you add to it.

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