Ten Hot Wedding Trends for 2014

He’s popped the question, you said yes. You’re one of the lucky girls getting married in 2014. Tempted as you may be, you can’t spend the next several months simply gazing at your new diamond in admiration. It’s time to get down to business.

It’s time to plan your big day. There’s no shortage of ideas for brides and grooms to be when it comes to planning your wedding. The event should be a reflection of your tastes and personality. The following ten hot wedding trends will give you some inspiration that you might love to weave into the first day of the rest of your lives together.

1. Vogue colours
This is an easy place to start. Even if you don’t know your theme or venue yet, you know what colours you love. Regal, chocolate box purple, warm coffee colours, citrus colours and any shade of blue are all a big deal for 2014, whether you’re having a festive winter ordeal or a summer garden event.

2. A flare for the dramatic
Are you ready to make a statement? This could be the theme for you. Think theatrical venues, unusual architecture and striking views, highlighted with oversized floral or bold decorations.

3. Symbols of your love
While these have been popular for a long time, symbolic touches, such as candle lighting or pouring sand during a ceremony signify the bride and groom joining as one and remain popular throughout the ages.

4. Quirky
This can mean everything from shabby-chic to clever to stylish to downright humorous. Use your imagination. Love 50s rock and roll? Motorcycles? Penguins? Go nuts. Remember, it’s your day. Try the zoo or the pitcher’s mound at a local baseball diamond if you’re looking for unusual venues.

5. Organic
Get married in the great outdoors, garden or woodland or try organic attire for your wedding party. Organic is earthy, soulful and refreshing. It will be an event to remember.

6. Romance and roses
The roses speak for themselves. As for the rest? Think candles. Morning suits. A gown with a lace bodice. A castle, Victorian hotel or a bloom-filled garden.

7. Textured wedding cakes
Often a centrepiece and a much-admired component of the wedding, 2014 brides will be looking to kick things up a tier with textured wedding cakes featuring ruffles, details, colour, varied shapes and unique finishes.

8. Rustic
This is another trend that has been around for a while, but when done with a fresh take, never gets old. Envision a picturesque barn, wild-flowers, lace and a country sunset.

9. Vintage
Thanks to recent popular culture events like The Great Gatsby remake, couples may find themselves drawn to the 1920s style. The options are endless: veiled caps, fur wraps, bowties and decorating with gold themes. Watching a few old movies will prove both entertaining and inspirational when assembling your vintage-themed wedding.

10. Individuality
No matter which top ten wedding trends you like best, don’t forget to infuse it with your personality. A picture-perfect wedding isn’t what makes an event memorable, it’s the unique touches you add to it.

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